Voice assistant technology is rapidly becoming a staple in homes. The goal of this project is to explore a use case and develop a skill within the Alexa Skill environment. 



Role: Interaction Design, UX Research, Alexa Developer

Duration: 3 weeks

Exploring the use of Alexa through scenario/concept generation

As a part of this project, I explored use cases where a voice user interface can play an important role 

  • salary negotiation
  • hospitality services
  • purchasing a car




hospitality service options through voice design

After conducted guerilla research, studying forums, and by interviewing Airbnb users who had recent interactions as guests, I discovered that many of them had at least one occasion where they had trouble getting into an Airbnb due to delayed or poor communication from the host. 


designing conversational flow for Alexa UI

This model showcases a sample flow for potential Amazon intents. In this imagined future, Alexa provides all the information necessary at check-in, during the guest's stay and at check-out. 

Screenshot 2018-06-28 14.13.58.png


next steps & takeaways

  • user test the flow through wizard of oz method
  • developing the skill for Alexa by learning the development environment
  • refine and iterate on conversational flow
  • design flows for other possible scenarios

this project introduced us to the endless possibilities of conversational agents assisting humans in a world where the sharing economy is rapidly growing. we're hoping to continue working on this project and evolving it to allow hosts to input their own script through a web app, giving them more flexibility to help guests get comfortable, while being remote. 


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