Internet of Things Kickstarter Video Project

For our final Interaction Design Studio Project, we worked on creating a Kickstarter video for an iOT device. I partnered with Obed Appiah-Agyeman and Grace Guo to rapidly produce an interaction design video. Our goal was to matchmake a technology with a target audience to create a meaningful, impactful user experience. 




After a lot of research and scrapping a few different ideas, we focused on recently diagnosed diabetic patients who had high BMI scores and needed to take a variety of different pills to manage their diabetes. We set out to create the next generation smart pill dispenser which tracked your BMI, auto-replenished your pills using the smart scale, and connected to a mobile app that could be tracked by the patient, their primary caregiver and selected family and friends.




After selecting the technology, audience, and conducting background research, we generated 20 scenarios and 5 storyboards to hone in on the problems of diabetic patients. We then wrote a script to pitch the product to our desired audience. We filmed the video in different locations at CMU's campus. I edited the video, animations, and narration audio using Adobe After Effects.