Research: Seller's Ecosystem & Product Focus


The first thing I did was research the Etsy ecosystem; the types of sellers, as well as products that were popular on the platform. I did this through competitive analysis.

There were a multitude of iPhone case designers on the platform. This made the cases competitive and attractive to users because there was no other way to purchase customized cases at this time. By studying this segment of the Etsy marketplace, I was able to hone in on the product I wanted to design and sell on the platform.




I wore a variety of different hats for this project because I was ultimately creating a small business from the ground up. I had to research pricing, manufacturing, product quality, shipping methods, and unique case designs.

I went through several iterations for the case designs. I conducted A/B tests to determine which cases users found the most delightful. I would also test different price points to stay competitive, while affordable for users.