We were asked to redesign a controller or everyday interaction in our Interaction Design Studio course. I've been missing Japanese food while studying in Madeira, so I opted to redesign chopsticks. 

Guerilla Research

I conducted a quick and dirty lit review and online review of different types of chopsticks on the market. I also researched technology trends, industrial designers working on interesting interactive pieces, and looked into sensor capabilities. My classmate showed me this article on haptic sensors during my research phase and it inspired me to start thinking about including sensors in my design idea. 



Until I had discovered the option of using a sensor, this was a challenging project for me because I wasn't sure exactly how to redesign such a simple tool. Many of my peers were redesigning everyday interfaces around their homes like washing machines, microwaves, and routers, etc. I wanted my redesign to add elements of pleasure, intimacy and a personalized experience. 

First Poster Iteration

For my first crit, I kept my poster design simple. I wanted as much feedback on the initial concept at first. I was relieved when my peers had positive feedback when it came to the actual "interface" I was redesigning. From this crit, I wanted to focus on improving the visual and communication design of the poster itself. 

Final Poster Design

The final redesign included haptic sensors, ambient lighting, and a micro-camera. This new aged chopstick is perfect for food bloggers and those foodies looking to have a personalized interaction with their food.