Snap Inc should focus on creating a delightful advertising flow to boost revenue specifically for their filters (also known as Lenses).

This case study explores a design idea to understand the Lenses ecosystem and propose an interface design for their advertising dashboard. My role was to design the advertising dashboard using Snapchat's existing design system. 

role: UX/UI Designer

tools: Paper & Pen, Sketch, Framer


key findings

Advertisers are able to purchase a Lens for one day

They are interested in five key metrics to see how their lens performed

  • Plays
  • Uses
  • Views
  • Average Playtime
  • Total Unique Reach

There are three different channels through which filters could potentially be purchased (Lens Studio, For Business, and Create)


mid fidelity wireframes

visual design pattern

Screenshot 2018-04-06 21.37.15.png

refining tools through existing design pattern



Snapchat is positioned to go after Instagram's current advertiser base through high quality video content. There are key examples of brands like Adidas increasing web traffic and a boost in sales by showing ad content through Snap, Inc's Lenses and Ad filters. By focusing on creating a seamless flow for advertisers and providing the right metrics in a digestible way, Snap will have a better take on advertising (especially outside the US) and with a younger demographics. 

Moreover, Snap Inc is also taking on the augmented reality advertising space in a way that Instagram and Facebook aren't doing at the moment. 

This was a very insightful project to take on and it was fun working with the design elements. 


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