Uber aims to encourage new driver sign-up through implementing physical kiosks in public spaces.

My role was to design the sign up flow, which includes account creation and background check.  

role: UI Designer

tools: sketch

project duration: 2 hours


working with existing user flow requirements

The team provided an existing user flow, which I studied to inspire my design process. 

initial wireframes generated exploratory questions

Since this was my first attempt at designing the flow for driver signup, I studied the existing web sign up flow. Questions emerged through this part of the process, which I included in my initial wireframes. 

accounting for errors through system alerts

In a scenario where the user was unable to properly scan documents, the system should gently notify the user of the error. 

mocking up visual design patterns 


Takeaways and reflection

  • Developing a deeper understanding of the project requirements through stakeholder feedback
  • Iterating on designs to implement existing visual design pattern and feedback
  • Conducting user tests of kiosk in store with real potential users 

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