During the summer of 2017, I lead the end to end interaction design process of a digital product and service for BMW. I partnered closely with product managers to assess business needs, while working alongside engineering to build a smart mobility product.

Due to an NDA, I'm unable to go into detail about the project. For more information, please email trisha.suri@gmail.com.

Trisha brought great value to the team and contributed to the development of a mobile app and service for cyclists. During her time here she led the interaction design efforts within the team and applied design research and design thinking methods to generate user insights. She quickly adopted best practices in developing user-centric products, ideated concepts and solutions using agile methods and always made sure the team was following a user centered approach. Next to being a very talented designer, Trisha also showed very strong interpersonal skills and was able to motivate and guide the team through difficult challenges.
— Mario Lochmuller, Product Manager, BMW

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