BMW has recently focused on creating services to improve urban mobility. With the launch of the campaign “Eat, Move, Mind,” a partnership project with Adidas, the company seeks to create a digital solution related to health and fitness.

Our team aims to solve the problem for encouraging local employees to cycle more and improve their commuting needs. My role was to lead the end to end interaction (UX and UI) design process of the mobile application and service.

Role: Interaction Design Lead

Client: BMW & Adidas

Project Duration: 6 months

Tools: Sketch, Invision

Methods: User Research, Interaction Design, Visual Design

initial set of wireframes focused on sign up and registration

After conducting months of qualitative research, I focused on creating a wireframes based on the following scenarios:

  • Novice bicyclist is registering their first bicycle
  • User sets up the first cycling challenge 
  • User is interested in a "mobility pass" to have alternate options to cycling

iterate, iterate, iterate based on user feedback

I went back to a few of the commuters who mentioned they were occasional cyclists and who were open to testing the wireframes to receive feedback.

I interviewed them using the following interaction flows:

  • Bike Registration

  • Mobility Pass options

  • Reward based cycling

  1. Users wanted to redeem their points for Adidas branded products

Users wanted to earn and track points when they cycled more

Screenshot 2017-12-16 21.52.15(8).png

Users wanted to redeem their points through challenge category

Cycle for points

Users can choose challenges, track their cycling distance and convert kms to points that can be redeemed for healthy products and fitness gear


factoring real time weather data into design decisions

Mobility Pass

Local users responded well to the flexible mobility pass concept that enabled them to use public transportation or BMW’s DriveNow ridesharing service as an alternative to cycling. 

mobility pass.png


The user can also Invite coworkers to join when they are ready to leave work and cycle. By checking the map to see which colleagues are close in distance, they can send an invitation for them to cycle from work.



Once you’ve completed a challenge, you can redeem the product using a voucher in-store or online.


creating flows to understand the existing user behavior

Screenshot 2017-12-16 21.52.15(10).png


I had a hugely rewarding experience during this summer project. As the only interaction designer on the team, in a foreign country where I didn’t speak the language, I learned how to voice my design decisions accurately. I was able to teach my team members about all phases of design and enable them to also contribute to the end-to-end design process along with me. I learned a ton about the product management aspect of the project, contributing to the high level strategy and partaking in important discussions about the roadmap, how the product could be scaled, and what the business value of it could be.

I’m proud of this unforgettable time in Munich and I’m also excited to share that the wonderful designers at DesignIt took my prototype and elevated it to the next level so that it can now be implemented internally at BMW.